BPC Chief Executive urges Prime Minister to keep up momentum to prioritise a sustainable food system for all.

A new pack of measures unveiled today supporting British farmers and producers “must invoke real and tangible change,” says BPC Chief Executive, Richard Griffiths, in attendance at the Downing St’s first ever Farm to Fork Summit.

Today’s summit brought together key figures in the British food and farming sector in an effort to highlight the crucial role of domestic food producers, providing an opportunity to explore ways in which all players, from industry to retailers to Government, can work together to prioritise productivity for British food and farming, ensure sustainable growth for poultry meat businesses, and guarantee fair and resilient supply chains.

BPC Chief Executive, Richard Griffiths, said: “We welcome Government re-engaging with food issues at a time it matters more than ever. It is positive that we see recognition of the world-class production standards our members operate to, combined with a focus on overcoming trade barriers. This is a good starting point to be working from.”

BPC continue to highlight the importance of maintaining world class British production standards, and the need for imports to meet those that British producers have worked tirelessly to achieve.

Mr Griffiths also said: “Poultry is half the meat the nation eats. There are still issues requiring Government to flex much-needed leadership, particularly towards exceptional market conditions. We look forward to hearing more detail and continuing our work with Government to ensure fair and resilient supply chains, where our members “have what they need” to fulfil their role in society.”

In recent weeks BPC have highlighted the impact of rising production costs pose to our national food security, where focusing solely on keeping food affordable without a fair price for producers or robust mechanisms to support business viability is forcing production to scale back. 

Mr Griffiths added: “Today’s commitments must lead to real tangible change, where ‘food security’ translates into meaningful objectives that support British poultry meat producers in ensuring safe, affordable, nutritious, low impact food. Today has been a crucial first step towards building effective solutions with industry colleagues to prioritise a sustainable food system for all. We must now ensure that this doesn’t pivot into a side step around the big issues we are waiting for more detail on.”