Right now, it is what would normally be considered ‘Graduation Season.’ It is a time of huge accomplishment and we at the British Poultry Council are delighted to be celebrating the commitment and passion of our new cohort of ‘Food Heroes’.

While we acknowledge that we are living in some of the most extraordinary times, the core of our sector and its capabilities remain consistent in spite of the ‘new normal’. Our industry is inclusive, it offers stability, it is accessible and above all it sets an excellent example of resilience in our nation’s food supply.

Poultry makes over half of the meat eaten in this country. The British poultry meat industry prides itself on our mission to put food on every table across the nation. But we can only feed the nation if we continue to invest in our people and nurture their skills and talent.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, our sector has offered stability of jobs, it has helped put a roof over the head of those who needed it the most, and it has created and sustained good jobs for those who are passionate about putting food on every table in these extraordinary circumstances.

From farmers and vets who look after our birds, through butchers and engineers who keep our factories working, to drivers and distributors who get food to the shelves – our sector offers opportunities for people with different skill sets and abilities.

We cannot wait to welcome the next cohort of Food Heroes as they enter the world of work.

If you are a ‘Food Hero’ or aspire to be one, please join the conversation on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages using #CreatingGoodJobs. We would love to hear your story!