BPC aim to create, and sustain, good jobs

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Creating Good Jobs

The British poultry meat industry prides itself on its mission to put food on every table up and down the country. But we can only feed the nation if we continue to invest in our people and nurture the skills and talents of our current and our aspiring Food Heroes. Our sector is passionate about creating and sustaining good jobs for those who want to play a part in feeding the nation.

Our member businesses play a big role in facilitating wonderful working opportunities for the next cohort of Food Heroes entering the industry.

Through the likes of apprenticeship schemes, scholarship programmes, and work experience – amongst other options – our aspiring Food Heroes gain invaluable practical experience and insight into the day-to-day operations of our member businesses, combining responsibility with an opportunity to learn a range of skills and techniques.

We want to build a dialogue with our graduates, scholars apprentices and those currently succeeding in today’s poultry meat sector. We want to offer a platform for them to represent those working in the industry supply chain, acting as Ambassadors for the sector that they are currently or will be shaping.

From business skills and technological know-how to getting out there on the field or farm with the birds, we want to showcase the opportunities this sector has for Food Heroes with different skillsets and strengths. And there is no one better than the Food Heroes themselves to demonstrate it!

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