It has been a long time coming for Britain’s goose producers! After two long years, producers from across the country gathered for this year’s highly anticipated Goose Farm Walk to kick off the Christmas season.

Family business Heart of England Farms played host to 30 guests who gathered in the Warwickshire countryside to share best practice, discuss production methods, and look at the future development of the sector.

Heart of England Farms was established in 1983 by Ole Gronning and from very modest beginnings has grown to become one of Britain’s leading breeders, hatchers and rearers of game birds. Ole and wife Judy bring essential knowledge and experience to the sector. Proud of their traditional rearing and preparation techniques combined with innovative technology, the hosts gave attendees a tour of the facilities before viewing the birds roaming in fields.

Attendees also heard how the farmland itself has proven to be a natural marketing technique for the business. With the birds visible to walkers and drivers along a popular commuter road, the spectacle draws the attention of drivers and brings in both new and regular clientele. “We are really lucky that our geography is our most natural form of advertisement,” Judy Gronning told the British Poultry Council.

Discussion in this year’s annual meeting revolved around the continuing challenges of sourcing sufficient labour – a problem widely reported on across the poultry industry in recent months. One of the producers in attendance said: “We wouldn’t be where we are today without our people. Labour is our biggest challenge at the moment.”

Despite the challenges producers face, the most traditional of Christmas poultry is regaining its place on tables across the country. Around 250,000 geese are eaten every Christmas across Britain and with the average bird feeding six people, more and more people look to be backing British poultry production by opting for a British goose.

Specialist farmers produce world-leading British birds up and down the country. Head over to the “Where to Buy” section of our website to locate your local goose producer and have Christmas brought right to your front door! If you fancy a change from turkey head to our British Goose website to find your local goose supplier for an extra-special twist to your Christmas dinner this year.