The British Poultry Council is applauding the heroic work of industry food heroes who are putting food on every table across the world, as part of the International Poultry Council’s ninth celebration of #WorldPoultryDay (10th May 2021).

Poultry makes up over half the meat consumed in Britain and is the first-choice meat of global consumers. Industry’s ongoing investment into our safe and secure supply chains means we produce safe, affordable, and nutritious food to billions of consumers across the world.

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of access to food. It has also highlighted the crucial role our food heroes play in these extraordinary times. Industry food heroes have received an upgrade in the public rhetoric as a result of Covid-19, going from a ‘low-skilled workforce’ to a ‘key workforce’ as a result of their resilience and commitment to putting the highest standards of food on every table.

British Poultry Council Chief Executive, Richard Griffiths, said: “From putting the highest of standards of food on every table to creating good jobs for diverse sets of skills and talents, the global poultry meat sector plays a vital role in driving socioeconomic growth and delivering food security.”

International Poultry Council President, Robin Horel, said: “On World Poultry Day we celebrate our animals and the people who look after them every step of the way…who are passionate about leaving no stone unturned in delivering safe, affordable, and nutritious food to people across different cultures and nationalities. We are proud of our people and our poultry.”

Read a full statement from the International Poultry Council here.

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