We are delighted that the poultry industry has been praised by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice MP, who spoke to the Today Programme on the provision of testing and support for the food industry in the face of COVID-19.

Eustice used the poultry meat industry as an example for the successful redirection of food service and hospitality supply to retail in order to meet consumer demand.

Eustice also declared that key workers in the food sector will have access to testing in order to ensure their wellbeing as they continue to put food on every table across the nation.

The prioritisation of food supply is essential during these difficult times. Food supply cannot stop; neither can our industry workers. In order to feed the nation, we have to ensure the protection of our people – who are our most vital asset – and our standards.

We are grateful that the Secretary of State has publicly recognised the extraordinary lengths our key workers and businesses continue to go to in order to feed the nation during these extraordinary circumstances. From farmers and vets who look after our birds, through butchers and engineers who keep our factories working, to drivers and distributors who put food on every table, it is essential that we encourage our food heroes to continue feeding the nation whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing, despite the challenges COVID-19 presents.

You can listen to Eustice’s interview here (skip to 2:15).