The financial impact of COVID-19 on the poultry meat sector has been significant. Whilst we are in a more robust position than other food sectors through long term integration, efficiency, and investment in technology, the current economics of production cannot be sustained for an extended period.

While the various financial support measures announced by Government have helped to ease some of the ongoing issues around liquidity and trading, member businesses still face competing and complex challenges with regards to the effects of the pandemic.

The British poultry meat industry is doing everything it can to protect its people and respond to official guidance to ensure employee wellbeing, while running the day-to-day operations of the business and maintaining continuity in our supply chain.

BPC members up and down the country are putting new measures in place to stabilise businesses for the future, maintain liquidity to withstand disruption and ensure production can be maintained in both the short and longer term.

It is necessary that the food supply chain continues to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible; food must be put on every table across the country. With this in mind, some businesses are seeking Government assistance in helping underwrite trade credit insurance to keep supply chains moving during this crisis.

British poultry meat prouducers are determined to carry on feeding the nation in these difficult circumstances.