The British Poultry Council has partnered with the Food Standards Agency and other representatives of the UK meat industry to put together a joint statement issued on 14 April in response to COVID-19 related challenges.

Regulators and industry bodies have come together to share their joint commitment to producing safe food, protecting consumers, and ensuring high animal welfare standards. The joint statement also recognises the crucial role of thousands of key food workers who selflessly continue to work every day on the front line.

In the joint statement all parties have expressed their gratitude for the commitment of key workers in food production to maintaining the nation’s food supply.

The British poultry meat industry stands committed to working together with the FSA and other industry bodies in a flexible, pragmatic and responsive way, to maintain the supply of safe, wholesome and nutritious food for everyone during this time of crisis.

BPC Chief Executive, Richard Griffiths, said:

“The coronavirus crisis is posing a number of challenges for British food producers. Given that the human impact of the crisis is significant, our industry is working hard to ensure employee wellbeing through appropriate social distancing, putting measures in place to mitigate the consequences of the crisis, and working collaboratively to keep the food chain moving.

Our key workers are feeding this nation and supporting the heroes of the NHS on the frontline. We’re delighted to be working together with the FSA and other food bodies to carry on putting food on every table during these extraordinary times.”