Food on every table. Just saying it sounds basic, mundane, and something nobody could possibly disagree with. Yet food on every table isn’t every-day, isn’t normal for an increasing number of people and families in this country.

The UK is brilliant at food and farming; climate, skills, resources, attitude and infrastructure mean that we have world-class production standards turning out high quality food, not least in poultry meat. We should be at the forefront of feeding our citizens, but we sometimes forget what our products mean at a human level. From the pleasure of a Sunday lunch, the school meals that feed the minds of our young people, the shared meals that bring people together, and too often the life-saving hot meal for those who need it most.

As a food sector, an industry, we should never be separate from society even if occasionally we lose sight of our social purpose. Food should be affordable, available, and accessible across society and at standards that everyone deserves, whether they have the luxury of choice or not. Food is an integral part of our lives and our communities. Our #foodoneverytable campaign wants to put food back at the heart of our society.

This is the British poultry meat sector standing up and saying that we’ll be part of the solution, but that we also need your help and support. This is about standing together, making changes even when it’s difficult, and creating a food system that works for everyone.

Food is about health, jobs, security, social cohesion, mobility, opportunities, trade, circular economy, sustainability, and wellbeing; but most of all it is about people, our people, all of whom deserve safe, wholesome, and nutritious British food.

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BPC’s ‘Food On Every Table’ campaign

FoodOneEveryTableOur campaign reinforces that feeding people has to remain at the heart of our society and at the core of our businesses. Government must deliver a sustainable food strategy that guarantees safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British standards for everyone.