The British Poultry Council welcomes the results of the retailer survey on campylobacter in fresh shop-bought UK chicken, demonstrating the significant progress made by the poultry meat sector and retailers in tackling campylobacter.

BPC Chief Executive, Richard Griffiths, said:
“We have seen a significant reduction in the presence of campylobacter in poultry production in the last four years, with only 3.8% of chickens tested positive for the highest level of campylobacter in March 2018 as compared to 19.7% in February 2014.

The results illustrate the excellent work done by the poultry supply chain in taking the lead on campylobacter reduction. Poultry producers and retailers have yet again demonstrated a co-operative and responsible approach to tackling campylobacter by embedding effective and long-term solutions across the supply chain.

Our producers, processors and retailers have worked incredibly hard over the last decade to reduce the presence of campylobacter in poultry production. We stand committed to carrying on our work by refining and improving our interventions across the food chain.”