Three reasons why a BPC scholarship is right for you

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Creating Good Jobs

Building experiences, pursuing technology, creating opportunities

Building – developing work-ready #FoodHeroes

We understand that real-world experience gives students the chance to put their learning into practice. Every course at Harper Adams includes a placement year and we are delighted to help support students with our scholarship. During your placement year, you’ll be addressing challenges, learning new things, putting theory into practice, meeting industry experts and doing your bit to put food on every table.

When BPC scholar students come back from their placement, they are confident and determined to finish their degree. They are more than ready to become the nation’s next #FoodHero.

Problems today; solutions tomorrow – embracing technology

A BPC scholarship is designed to equip Harper Adams’ students with the knowledge and skills that are essential to understanding today’s problems and creating solutions for them tomorrow. This includes promoting and pursuing the intelligent use of modern technology in one of the world’s oldest industries.

Your placement year on a BPC scholarship offers you the chance to use and explore emerging and existing technologies in the poultry industry. You’ll be learning how these technologies work, what their uses are and their benefits to industry.

We are investing in our next cohort of #FoodHeroes to make our vital industry fit for the future. Your scholarship will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of technology to find creative and sustainable solutions to the economic and environmental challenges facing the world, both today and tomorrow.

Creating – opportunities and expanding horizons in poultry

A BPC scholarship opens the door to excellent opportunities into the industry that provides 50% of the meat that feeds the nation. Not only will a BPC scholarship give you wider working knowledge, but it is the perfect opportunity to make contacts and connections in one of the most vital sectors in agriculture. It is the chance for you to access the sector first-hand and experience all it has to offer; tracking the working process for a year might give you an idea about what it is you’d like to do for the rest of your career.

Your experience will be enriched by people with a variety of backgrounds and skillsets, sharing their knowledge and expertise to enhance your placement year in one of the most diverse, forward-thinking industries in agriculture. Whether you are from a farming background or not, whether you’re into breeding or trialling, a BPC scholarship is the bridge students need to integrate themselves into the agricultural sector.



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