Theresa May has just lost her meaningful vote by an overwhelming 432 to 202. Surely this has now gone on long enough. We’ve suffered the effects of the concept of Brexit since 2016, and the actuality of leaving will be worse. The only sensible option now is to abandon Brexit as a failed project.

In the British poultry meat sector we’ve suffered a lack of labour and increasing production costs, and seen our country’s food standards being challenged by other nations eyeing a quick profit at our long-term expense.

Brexit and food comes down to a very simple concept. Any departure from the EU means affordability and availability of food will be compromised. The burden of that will fall on those who can least afford it. This cannot be acceptable to anyone, either individual or Government.

We’ve already heard – no confidence vote aside – about possible changes of direction. Let’s make that direction a step back from the precipice. We are stronger, more prosperous, and crucially, better fed, as part of the EU.