British poultry farmers, producers and retailers came together to share developments, knowledge and good practice in poultry meat farming at the 2017 Poultry Meat Conference in Daventry, Northamptonshire on 19 September.

The annual conference offered a great opportunity to celebrate our successes, acknowledge the key role of our professional workforce in feeding the nation and share developments and technological innovations that are taking our sector from strength to strength.

Representatives from PD Hook Hatcheries, British Poultry Council, Elanco, Crowshall Veterinary Services, Cobb Europe and Aviagen addressed the conference on the challenges and opportunities offered by Brexit, the urgent need to address Britain’s future food security and sustainability and shared practical advice on breeding, rearing and processing methods that prioritise bird health and welfare.

The poultry meat sector reiterated its commitment to producing safe, wholesome, and nutritious food for Britain without compromising our food values and standards.

Industry delegates talked about the ways in which the sector is looking at optimising its food production systems and stimulating investment to produce more British food.

Our member businesses emphasised the need to increase productivity across our supply chains while embracing technological innovations and investing in upskilling our workforce.

The conference was chaired by Patrick Hook, PD Hook Hatcheries. Speakers included: Shraddha Kaul, British Poultry Council; Jonathan Lambert, Elanco; Ian Lowery, Crowshall Veterinary Services, Nigel Strain, Cobb Europe; Dan Pearson and Graeme Dear, Aviagen.

The conference was sponsored by MSD Animal Health, Cobb, Aviagen, PD Hook Hatcheries, For Farmers and Elanco.


Did you know?
• Nearly a billion birds are reared for food every year, providing half the meat that the country eats.
• We take nothing in Government subsidies and yet offer over £1 billion in tax contribution to the Exchequer.
• Our economic contribution has increased by nearly 50 percent in the last five years with a £4.6 billion gross value-added contribution in 2015.
• Our sector sustains a total of 87,700 jobs, of these, 37,300 people are employed directly in poultry meat.