As the voice of the British poultry meat sector and the trade association for producers of poultry meat from chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, the Council addresses issues on all parts of the production chain: breeding, hatching, growing, and processing.

BPC's ‘Food On Every Table’ campaign

FoodOneEveryTableOur campaign reinforces that feeding people has to remain at the heart of our society and at the core of our businesses. Government must deliver a sustainable food strategy that guarantees safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British standards for everyone.

At the British Poultry Council, we believe in the power of our people. Find out about our scholarship programme aiming to give students the skills, knowledge, understanding and passion to become one of our new Food Heroes.

The British poultry industry operates with world-class standards and makes a crucial contribution to feeding the nation. The work of the BPC helps ensure that British poultry is recognised as an essential part of this country’s agriculture and food production.

To find out more, please explore articles on Issues and Opinions. Or find out more about the BPC here.


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