We started #FoodOnEveryTable to raise awareness and bring people and organisations together to put British food at the heart of our society. Yet society is a large, diverse, and complex system and one size does not fit all. There’s always a difference or an exception that can’t be pigeon-holed, and questions that don’t have simple answers.

Similarly, no two tables are the same and in some cases the table doesn’t even exist yet. A table may be a physical form, but its definition comes from the people who use it, the reason that brings them together, and the food they put on it.

Chicken may be the most extensively eaten meat in this country so we as the producers have to make sure it is safe, good quality, and of high standards. As responsible businesses and as individuals our job doesn’t end at the factory gate. Part of the #FoodOnEveryTable campaign is the food sector learning how to look beyond the business and be active members of communities. Is food getting to where it’s needed? Is it affordable and accessible? What are our children eating in school? How can we drive change to make all of those better?

There are a lot of amazing individuals and organisations out there who build the table for their communities. Whether that’s pay-what-you-can-afford cafes, community kitchens, or school cooks on a personal mission to teach kids about food, they are all inspiring. As businesses, as an industry producing a lot of food, we need to be asking how we can help; either in supporting initiatives, recreating good ideas in different areas, or driving them into the mainstream food system.

This country has the food that we are excellent at growing, but perhaps we now need to build some more tables.

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BPC’s ‘Food On Every Table’ campaign

FoodOneEveryTableOur campaign reinforces that feeding people has to remain at the heart of our society and at the core of our businesses. Government must deliver a sustainable food strategy that guarantees safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British standards for everyone.