With the first major review of the nation’s food system in 75 years now underway, the British Poultry Council is determined to play a key role in contributing to a National Food Strategy that ensures everyone is well fed. Our  submission to the National Food Strategy Consultation highlights the need for a National Food Strategy to focus on the purpose of food before the production of food.

Technology and innovation in British food ensures astounding efficiency and productivity, but a National Food Strategy must give that system both purpose and ambition; and in doing so ask how best we satisfy the needs of people. We believe our challenge for a National Food Strategy is to create a social structure in which everyone is fed healthily and sustainably while championing the values that give meaning to our relationship with British food.

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BPC’s ‘Food On Every Table’ campaign

FoodOneEveryTableOur campaign reinforces that feeding people has to remain at the heart of our society and at the core of our businesses. Government must deliver a sustainable food strategy that guarantees safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British standards for everyone.