The Duke of Edinburgh has made a public statement today, recognising key workers tackling the COVID19 pandemic, including those working in the food production industry.

In his statement, HRH praises the “vital and urgent work being done” in order to ensure to “ensure the infrastructure of our life continues” during these difficult times. This specifically includes the “staff and volunteers working in food production and distribution.”

From farmers and vets who look after our birds, through butchers and engineers who keep our factories working, to drivers and distributors who put food on every table, it is essential that food supply is prioritised in the face of COVID19. Food supply cannot stop; neither can our food heroes.


duke statement


We are delighted that the Duke of Edinburgh has formally recognised the essential role our key workers play in the smooth functioning of the country in the face of such extraordinary challenges. We hope the support and appreciation for our key workers continues whilst they consistently and reliably work towards putting #FoodOnEveryTable across the nation.

To find out more and to support our food heroes in the face of COVID19, please follow the British Poultry Council’s activity on social media, using #FoodOnEveryTable and #ISupportKeyWorkers.